From FOR WOMEN (Magazine U.K.)

If you're looking for supernatural thrills combined with kinky sex, Maria Isabel Pita's Thorsday Night (Chimera, 5.99) has the perfect blend.

Despite the dodgy title, it's an utterly enthralling read, concerning secretary Carmen, who finds herself torn between three very attractive men, all of whom bring out her submissive side. However, there seems to be some strange link between what's happening in her sex life and the discovery of a Viking grave containing the bones of a slave girl. Carmen begins to believe she is somehow the reincarnation of this girl, who took part in a bizarre sex ritual involving three dominant men, and that she is destined to live out this ritual with the aid of her three lovers.

Intelligently written and with some very sexy set-pieces, this tale of emotional, physical and spiritual possession will grip you right to the end.


From FORUM (Magazine U.K.)

Carmen's sex life is more exciting than it has ever been. She's spoilt for choice between the sexy policeman who saved her from a street assault, her married boss and the hunky federal agent who's ostensibly investigating her company but who seems equally keen to investigate her submissive side.

However, Carmen's sexual adventures are somehow tied into the discovery of a Viking grave which contains the skeleton of a slave girl, and she begins to experience flashbacks and recurring dreams which lead her to believe she was once in thrall to a Nordic master, and that their relationship is about to be played out all over again...

 ...Thorsday Night is a refreshingly different take on SM pleasures. Maria Isabel Pita examines the theme of possession in all its forms - sexual, emotional and ghostly - while creating a believable heroine trying to cope with the new and exciting desires the differing men in her life arouse in her. Intelligently written and... very sexy...


Web Review Written February 17, 2002


This is the first novel I've read from Maria Isabel Pita, and it's definitely a cut above most Erotic stories.  Newcomer Maria has written a truly stunning first novel, and I look forward to seeing more books from her in the future.

Carmen Palasios lives in modern day Miami, and one day while going out to eat dinner she is almost raped and then saved by William Reed, an off duty police officer.  She is attracted to him, but doesn't bed him after her rescue.  Then the discovery of a Viking grave where a woman was sacrificed has a strange effect on her. She then begins to date a government official Jay Westgate, who introduces her to the world of kinky sex, which she becomes attracted to.  After having sex with her married boss Mike Peterson, she bounces from one man to another - playing them off against one another. Finally, her demons are exorcised in a combination orgy and D/s session.  If you can accept the supernatural as a plot device, then this story works - else it doesn't.

Still, I liked this novel and was engrossed throughout.  I look forward to seeing more from this author in the future.  A must read!

A Great Novel of Sexual and Self Discovery , April 17, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Miami, FL USA

Maria Isabel Pita has done an extremely rare thing with "Thorsday Night". She has produced a beautiful novel that would stand on its own as great read even if it had no sex in it. The fact is that it does have sex in it, lots of it, and this is an integral part of the journey of self discovery Carmen, the main character, goes on through the pages of this lovely work. Her discovery and exploration of her own submissiveness and craving to be controlled by capable dominant men is intimately coupled with a Viking ritual that occurred a millennium ago. The convergences of myth and reality, history and the present, and the metaphysical, are all integrated so well that the reader is led on a seamless journey through a few weeks in modern Miami and an ancient snapshot in time. Although the book was written before the discovery of the Miami Circle, local readers will get an extra treat from comparing the connections in this book to those that were generated among the metaphysically inclined during the recent period of notoriety that the Circle enjoyed. In brief, this is an excellent book, the best of its genre and I highly recommend it.



Dark and disturbing, but strangely compelling 28 February, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from England

After she narrowly avoids being raped by a gang of youths, a young woman begins to explore the darker side of her sexuality, aided by three very nasty men. Her journey of self-discovery is counterpointed by memories of a deadly Viking ritual. Dark, disturbing and very intense.